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Olivia Newton-John is here with me ... eternally



Seeing Xanadu for the first time in theaters back in 1980 was a revelation to me. It was the first time I realized this sad truth: A movie could have great music ... and still be god awful. (In the future, this would be called the "Purple Rain Phenomenon.")

To paraphrase Danny Elfman, I was only a lad, just 13 years old. But I had a shiny new turntable/cassette tape/eight-track player at home, and it played the Xanadu soundtrack pretty much nonstop that year. To this day, I can break into song and belt out a tune for no reason. (It's very disconcerting when I break into Magic in the employee restroom here at the SIT80s headquarters building. "Come take my hand ...")

So I'm very unsure how exactly I'm going to react when I get to interview the one-and-only Olivia Newton-John on Wednesday for an upcoming podcast. Will I stutter my way around, like I did with Patty Smyth? Will I save my glowing lust until the very end, just like the Nancy Wilson interview? Or am I stressing for no reason at all because co-host Sean Daly won't let me get a word in anyway? (Yeah, you know which way I'm leaning.)

If you have a suggested question, just drop a comment here. You can bet I'll ask about Xanadu -- both the film and stage versions. In the meantime, I'm going back to the restroom to practice my stirring rendition of Suddenly. "Suddenly the wheels are in motion. And I'm ready to sail any ocean!"

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