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One argument against a capitalistic Russia



Georgemichael Surely by now, most devoted 80s fans -- all 3 of us -- know that some Russian billionaire paid George Michael the tidy sum of $3.3-million to play a 75-minute private New Year's Eve Concert.

Potanin Vladimir Potanin, possibly the richest (and certainly the most foolhardy) person in Russia, had Michael flown in on a private jet to sing 13 songs for his 300 guests. It's thought to be the most ever paid to an entertainer for a single performance. (, which reported Michael's gig, says Destiny's Child once picked up about $2-mil for playing a Bar Mitzvah and Paul McCartney scored about a mil for playing a birthday party once.)

But, of course, the big question remains: Why George Michael? There's no apparent answer to that mystery (other than perhaps Michael could use the funds to pay his mounting legal woes.) We had no idea Mother Russia was wild about "Careless Whisper" and "Monkey."


Fountainsgogos For $3.3-million, here's my concert wish:  Duran Duran (with Andy Taylor  of course), the reunion of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the original lineup of Asia. In no particular order ... I'm not picky. But I get to write up the set lists. (No Arcadia or Power Station songs! No Skin Trade for Duran Duran! And forget about any pre- or post-80s hits, Asia!) Originally, I thought let's stage this in Wembley Stadium, but now I'm thinking Vegas. Maybe we'll rent out Celine Dion's theater at Caesar's Palace. With all the co-hosts and guest hosts of Stuck in the 80s hanging out for the shows, which would go on for half the night -- not just an hour. And then afterward, we go splashing around in the fountains with the original lineup of the Go-Go's.

Yeah, that sounds like a million-dollar idea.

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