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One question: do you need someone, or do you need John Cusack?



John Cusack in High FidelityEveryone has an opinion on John Cusack these days. For example, can you believe an 18-year-old actually told me this week that Cusack was an overrated mopey wimp and that High Fidelity made her want to kill him and then her? (Hopefully not in that order.) Anyhoo, the blog Culture Brats weighs in today with their list of the Top 17 John Cusack Roles.

Why 17 roles and not 20 or 10? Who knows? I like the ambiguity of it. And I won't pretend to agree with all their choices -- Must Love Dogs and The Thin Red Line are frankly unwatchable -- but their top five are pretty much on the money.

Click here to read their full blog item. Or just cheat and get their top 5 right here.


5. Craig Schwartz, Being John Malkovich: "Craig Schwartz was such a complex, different, daring role, and Cusack made it look effortless. I loved the way he looks in the film: rugged and rough, run down, yet slightly crazed."

4. Rob Gordon, High Fidelity: "At the heart of the story, though, is a man who's afraid to grow up, afraid to make a move, to take a chance."

3. Lane Meyer, Better Off Dead: "Lane is the stereotypical affable celluloid teenaged loser: he loses his girlfriend in the film's first few minutes, his best friend is a weirdo, and his parents are hopelessly out-of-touch. But Cusack brings an honesty to the role that rises above the stereotype."

2. Martin Q. Blank, Grosse Pointe Blank: "Who else but John Cusack could make a professional killer so likable and sympathetic?"

1. Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything...: "There is SOMETHING about Lloyd Dobler that inspires people. They LOVE him. He was the antihero who had a dream and went for it and in the end it all worked out for him and we cheered!"

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