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This one's for Gary: Name the saddest movie endings in the '80s



Gary We tend to only remember the happier movies of the '80s, but never forget that our favorite decade had flicks full of despair, ruin and heartbreak.

The ones that always get me, though, are the movies that are generally happy most of the way through, but have that heart-crushing ending. Yeah, I'm talking about poor Gary again in The Last American Virgin.

After doing everything he could to help the love of his life Karen, he finds her in the arms of Rick again. It sets up the saddest movie ending I've ever seen: Gary driving off, crying, as Just Once plays gently in the background. And it teaches us all a valuable life lesson: The more you love, the more it aches when it's over.

Oh, and this too: Never sell your stereo to fund a trip to Planned Parenthood for your friend's girlfriend, no matter how cute she is.

Click here to watch the entire ending of the movie. After you stop sobbing, help me out with this week's big list. Help name the saddest movie endings in the '80s. Here are some possible candidates:

Seriously, if anyone can top the agony here, I'll send them my DVD copy of the movie.

THE FLY: Watching Jeff Goldblum hold the shotgun up to his head with his fly hand so Geena Davis can put him out of his misery. Creepy and sad. [Trailer]

BRAZIL: Sure it has like 30 endings, half of which are gut-wrenching.

FIELD OF DREAMS: Don't click on this or you'll never stop crying. (Okay it's only the trailer, but it doesn't take much.)

MASK: Remember when Cher was a great actress? Yep, only in the '80s. [Video]

Go ahead and add your favorites.

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