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Because I have issues, and it was a Thursday and I really only wanted to see ONE band on the bill at the Bank in downtown St. Pete tonight, I spent an ungodly amount of time with my well-perused copy of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROCK OBITUARIES (Thank you Nick Talevski, you sick, sick man!)

I found the following musical people from our beloved era DEAD AS A DOORNAIL:

* D. Boon, guitarist, the Minutemen, (van accident while on tour, 1985)
* Darby Crash, singer, the Germs, (heroin overdose, 1980)
* Ian Curtis, singer, Joy Division, (suicide by hanging, 1980)
* Pete DeFreitas, drummer, Echo & the Bunymen, (motorcycle accident, 1989)
* Divine (heart attack, 1988)
* Patti Donahue, singer, the Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like" (cancer, 1996)
* Pete Farndon, bassist, the Pretenders (drowned in his bathtub as a result of taking too much heroin - the needle was still in his arm, 1983)
* James Honeyman-Scott, guitarist, the Pretenders (cocaine and heroin overdose, 1982)
* Michael Hutchence, singer, INXS (found dead in his hotel room after apparently having hung himself. He was found naked by the maid. There was alcohol and cocaine in his system, 1997))
* Klaus Nomi, singer (complications from AIDS, 1983)
* Rob Pilatus, "singer," Milli Vanilli (heart failure as a result of a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. He had previously attempted suicide several years before, 1998)
* Razzle, drummer, Hanoi Rocks (automobile accident - Vince Neil, singer of Motley Crue was driving the car, drunk, 1984)
* Randy Rhoads, guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne (airplane crash, 1984)
* Hillel Slovak, guitarist, Red Hot Chili Peppers (heroin overdose, 1988)
* Jermaine Stewart, singer/dancer, Shalamar and solo artist "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" (liver cancer, 1996)
* Bob Stinson, the Replacements (drug overdose, 1995)
* Chuck Wagon, keyboardist, the Dickies (suicide, 1981)
* Patrick Waite, bassist, Musical Youth "Pass the Dutchie" (suffering from an undiagnosed viral infection and resulting enlarged heart and lung congestion, he collapsed, hit the floor, and died instantly at age 24, 1993)
* Jeff Ward, drummer (briefly) in Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Low Pop Suicide (suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, 1993)
* Rozz Williams, singer, Christian Death (suicide by hanging, 1998)
* Wendy O. Williams, singer, the Plasmatics (suicide by gunshot, 1998)
* Ricky Wilson, guitarist, the B-52s (complications from AIDS, 1985)

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