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Our next 10 must-see hosts for Saturday Night Live

Saturday night live Now that Betty White has finally hosted Saturday Night Live, it's time to turn our attention to other worthy celebrities for the same honor.

Here are 10 names -- '80s-centric, of course -- who have never had the honor of hosting Saturday Night Live.


10. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: She's hosted the Oscars, but not SNL. No Jumpin' Jack Flash sketches though, please.

9. SCOTT BAIO: I just really want to see how many schlocky Happy Days sketches the writers can come up with.

Arsenio 8. ARSENIO HALL: He was on top of the world in the late '80s with his own show and Coming to America. ("It helped Gilligan get off the iiiiisland!")

7. ALYSSA MILANO: Aww, shucks. Can't we have a little eye candy?

6. DAVID HASSELHOFF: Five words that are hard to believe: The Hoff has never hosted.

Patrickd_blog 5. PATRICK DEMPSEY: We don't want Grey's Anatomy Dempsey. We want Can't Buy Me Love Dempsey. (Or Loverboy Dempsey? Hello, Senor Pizza.)

4. NICK NOLTE: The key to a good host is having material that pokes fun of the celebrity. Just post his jailhouse mug. That oughtta do it.

3. MOLLY RINGWALD: John Hughes would want you to do it, Molly.

John_cusack 2. JOHN CUSACK: Everyone loves Lloyd Dobler. But Dobler is notoriously shy about self-publicity.

1. TOM CRUISE: That's right, Iceman, Maverick has never hosted SNL. I'm sure the ground-rules for him participating are the problem. No jokes about Scientology, Tom? Ummm, maybe we'll get Nicole Kidman to host instead.

Of course, Tom's not really ever been totally absent from Saturday Night Live:

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