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Page-turner or sheep-counter: a Books in the '80s podcast?



Bright-big_l Sure, I remember reading in the '80s, but I rarely read '80s books. I was more into Hunter S. Thompson, Hemingway and Vonnegut. However, today's reader e-mail from "Jen With One N" in Queens, N.Y., urges us to reconsider our stance on '80s literature.

Well, I've done it. This weekend I've finally listened to every episode of SIT80s. I even got my reluctant, new music appreciating husband on board with the Brian Johnson, Joe Elliott and Quiet Riot podcasts.

Also, kudos on the last episode. It has, indeed, been a tough year for '80s children, but your tribute to Patrick Swayze was fun and celebratory. I got REALLY excited when you guys started talking about what kind of books you like. I work at a publishing company so I'm a bit of a (sexy) nerdball myself, and I was reminded that I've meant to ask about a books in the '80s podcast. What do you say? And you should totally let Cathy Wos take the lead, being a (sexy) librarian and all.

Less Than Zero, Slaves of New York and Bright Lights, Big City are a good start. And all those great novelizations. I saved up lunch money for a week to buy Footloose from the grocery store. And several years later, I bought the novelization of Pretty in Pink with the original Andie gets Duckie ending. Funny, I bought that one at the grocery store too -- hmm. Plus, what about the comic books that emerged in the '80s?   Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes were my faves.

Please consider Books of the '80s. Your audience is smart -- they can take it!  Warm regards to your excellent co-hosts Sean and Cathy.

Stuck in the '80s with a library card,
Jen with one n

Queens, N.Y.

[What do you think gang? A "Books of the '80s" show or no?]

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