This particular week? 'Straight to Hell'



Theclash The genesis of the idea is somewhat unclear. Between watching too many YouTube videos and listening to my review copy of The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium, it just came to me.

What song by the Clash best sums up the workweek?

I posted my quandary on my Facebook page, and suddenly people who have never messaged me were sounding off. Should I Stay or Should I Go is the obvious front-runner, but don't dismiss the utter futility of Straight to Hell or the beautiful confusion of Lost in the Supermarket.

(Ah yes, my glory years working as a bag-boy at Publix in Dunedin, Fla. In those days, we had to wear ties and couldn't take tips for helping old ladies load their trunks with paper bags -- never plastic -- full of prune juice and corn pads. I still have scars on my hand from breaking a glass bottle of Old Spice during one night of lazy bagging.)

In a rare lightening of Stuck in the '80s tradition, you may pick a Clash song from ANY year -- inside the '80s or not!

Here are my current favorites. Surely you can do better.

Clash songs that remind you of work

[Photo of "London Calling"]

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