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The parties are over



We've pushed past the pressure of New Year's Eve, boxed up and stored the holiday decorations and vowed yet again to swear off sausage as a food group. So it's time to move on to the weighty issues of the day.

-- "Come On Eileen" is never a good song to try for karaoke. Especially not at 3 a.m. Especially not if the next-door neighbors already don't like you. Stick with Devo and REO Speedwagon tunes. Those bands can't sing in the first place. (Plus, it's always fun to sing the line "He's got a long wick with a flame at both ends ....he's hot!")

-- Maybe you thought your New Year's Eve celebration was lame, but be assured you can't top the worst I've been to. Back in 1986, my friends and I -- lacking any party invitations -- actually sat around the TV late on Dec. 31 and watched the time and date change on the Weather Channel. Enough said.

-- Twenty years ago today, VH1 made its debut on cable TV. Hard to believe it's that old. MTV was only 4 years old at the time. The music channel languished in mediocrity until 1996 when Pop-Up Video premiered, followed in 1997 by Behind The Music. Today, of course, thanks partly to VH1, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for an 80s fan to watch MTV.

-- And lastly, which Tom Cruise movie did we pick to honor first in a Stuck in the 80s podcast? Risky Business. (I had to retype that movie title three times -- for some reason, I kept wanting to type Frisky Business, which I'm pretty sure I can't rent at Blockbuster.) If you don't like our choice, don't sweat it. We'll get around to most of his movies from the 80s eventually. Just had to pick a good one to start with. I'll be spending my conscious hours today rewatching the movie over and over again. Time of my life, eh kid?

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