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Yes, it's AC/DC action figures of Brian Johnson and Angus Young. And how did I find out about it? Ummm, Brian Johnson told me. Seriously. Times pop critic Sean Daly and I spent a half hour on the phone with AC/DC's lead singer Thursday afternoon and, simply put, we were in rock n' roll heaven.

Inducted into Rock and Roll's Hall of Fame in 2003, Johnson is the first hall-of-famer to appear on Stuck in the 80s, so this week's show is devoted to our interview with him. It's been five years since AC/DC's last tour, but Brian is about to go out on the road again to promote Classic Rock Cares, a series of benefit concerts to support the John Entwhisle Foundation.

Johnson, AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, Eddie Money and a cast of other talented hard-rockers will play Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall on July 3. Fans can expect a bunch of AC/DC hits, along with some new songs newly penned by the artists.

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Brian was a quote-machine. Here are some of the printable highlights:

On the long layoff from touring: "I'll get up and sing with a band, maybe do a song. That's nothing compared to belting it out, full-tilt boogie. With AC/DC, [shows lasted] two hours, 25 minutes and it was a killer because we didn't have drum solos. ... When I look back on it now, how the hell did I do that?"

On the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame experience:
"We really enjoyed it, apart from The Edge of U2 making a complete 'todd' of himself. ... He was inducting The Clash, who we all love. .... We're standing there, and he talked for 25 minutes. At the end, we're coming up behind him going 'Hey, bugger off!' ... It's just impossible to talk to [U2]: They just can't hear you -- their heads are right up among the intestinal parts of their bodies."

On writing songs for the Back in Black album: "I was desperately trying to write the words as fast as I could. For Hell's Bells, I was sitting in a room on the beach and this big thunderstorm came, and I thought 'I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain.' And then the wind picked up and I just went 'I'm coming on like a hurricane.' And that was the end of it. It was dead easy after that.

Amazing stuff. The best interview we've done in two years of podcasting. Let us know what you thought of the show. And if you're at next week's Classic Rock Cares show, say hello to Sean and me. We'll be the ones trying to sneak backstage to hang with the band.

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