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Phoebe Cates celebrates 30th anniversary of 19th birthday



phoebe_cates6.jpgPhoebe Cates turns 49 years old today, according to some doom's day calendars. But '80s fans know this is just hogwash. There are just three women who we are allowed to pretend never age: MTV's Martha Quinn (53), Valley Girl's Deborah Foreman (49) and Phoebe Cates.

To many of us, she's still Fast Times at Ridgemont High's "Linda Barrett" lounging by the side of the pool, complaining about her older boyfriend and explaining the complexities of oral sex and cable TV to her friend Stacy. Or she's wearing that turtle neck as "Kate" in Gremlins, gently soothing poor Billy.

(Do I get points for not mentioning the infamous bikini top scene in Fast Times, which was named best movie nude scene of all time? Okay, did I just lose points for mentioning it now?)

Cates can blow out as many candles as she wants today, but she's forever 19 to us. Even if the rest of us have long ago surrendered to the realities of time.

[Last modified: Monday, July 16, 2012 9:58am]


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