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Play Tetris for free online! (Because it's more fun than work)



Tetris Hard to believe, but Tetris is celebrating its 25th birthday this month. (What? No party invitation for us '80s fans? Even after those snobs at Asteroids and Pac-Man snubbed us too?)


You just wanna play for free right now at your desk, don't you? Click here to play a free Flash-based version of Tetris. And quietly hum happy birthday when you clear that first level.

The game was invented in June 1984 when Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian-born mathematician fond of puzzles, wrote the first program for Tetris in his spare time. His electronic puzzle challenged players to arrange puzzle pieces along the bottom of a matrix. When a horizontal line is full, it disappears and gives the player more open space to continue playing.

Sounds dull when you actually explain the game's premise, doesn't it?

Still, the popularity of Tetris has grown every year since its humble birth -- first as an arcade game, then as a desktop computer diversion and today as an app on mobile devices. According to EA Mobile, more than 75 million Tetris products have sold for mobile platforms. And AT&T, still the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, reports that Tetris is the top-selling game for the first quarter of 2009.

If you're an avid player, expect some cool additions to your fave game soon. According to Henk Rogers, head of Blue Planet Software (which holds the licensing rights), "the best is yet to come."

"We’re working on versions of Tetris that will make it possible to have international games similar to the Olympics, or the World Cup," Rogers said in an online statement this week. "We have a vision of the future where people all over the world can meet and become friends without speaking the same language."

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