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Podcast: Aunt Bunny wants to wish Eddie Murphy a happy birthday



Eddie Murphy Delirious

In my entire life, I've only ever owned two comedy records: Bill Cosby's Himself and Eddie Murphy's Comedian. The only things they have in common is that they were both performed by black comedians at the height of their stand-up careers and they were released in the same year -- 1983.

Other than that, scratch any further similaries. Bill Cosby's album was perfect for sharing with the parents. "How long can you tread water?" Classic. Eddie's album? I hid it. Hand to God, I think my mom would still be upset TODAY if she knew I bought it with the money I earned cutting our lawn.

The use of the F-bomb was strictly banned in the Spears household until approximately 2004. Nowadays, if I sat down to watch Eddie's HBO special Delirious on DVD with mom, I'd probably still hesitate on laughing too hard when he drops the word -- it's used some 230 times during the 70-minute special.

The Aunt Bunny and family barbecue jokes? Those would be golden. Mr. T propositioning another man for sex and threatening to tear off his manhood by clenching his buttcheeks? No. That's not going to work. Not even 28 years later.

It's these dilemmas of comedy and karma that co-host Sean Daly and I sort out this week for our Stuck in the '80s podcast celebrating the 50th birthday of Eddie Murphy, a father himself now who probably (finally) knows exactly what he put us through during the '80s. Click here to download the show. Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.

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