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Podcast battle: AC/DC vs. Guns N' Roses



In this corner: A bunch of pasty Australian rockers, some of whom now look like muppets, who tore up the charts (and livers) in the 80s with songs like Back in Black and For Those About To Rock.

And in this corner: A sawed-off L.A. pretty boy whose name is an anagram for "oral sex" along with a strange furry guy with a top hat. Best known for Paradise City and Welcome to the Jungle (which must be the de facto soundtrack tune for any movie about the inner city).

Lace it up, guys, and may the best band win. In this week's Stuck in the 80s podcast, Sean Daly and I will pit the two top hard rock groups in the 80s against each other and decide once and for all who's king of the mountain. Sean says he's got a killer GNR story to share. I will counter with a lethal AC/DC story (circa 1982, Lakeland Civic Center, just a young boy trying to save his eardrums while making friends with my neighbors and their "fragrant" cigarettes. I had some 'splaining to do when Dad picked up me later that night).

So which band do you think is king of the hill? I made my choice a week or so ago, but I'm open to suggestions.

Tell me and Sean which band should rule the 80s and beyond!

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