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Podcast fixed!



Redownload Episode #25, gang. It's fixed. ("My dad is a TV repairman. He has an awesome set of tools...") Seems like a good time to bring up another top 5 list. So in honor of the latest snafu.

Top 5 problems in the short history of recording Stuck in the 80s:
5) Steve and Gina forget to introduce Sean Daly until 8 minutes into the Journey podcast.
4) Producer Dave Morrison has a heart attack and goes deaf for three weeks after Steve flicks Dave's $2,000 microphone with his pencil "to see what'll happen." (No word on what happened to the pencil, but Steve walks with a limp these days.)
3) Steve gets stagefright while recording the intro to the Heathers podcast in front of our guest, who holds the title of "Cool as Gina and Steve put together," and literally stares at the microphone for 2 minutes before speaking. Situation resolved with IV of Mountain Dew.
2) In our Madonna podcast, we wanted to hear "Crazy For You," but our producer at the time, who wasn't born when Madonna recorded the song, put a different song in there instead. We fixed it a few hours later.
1) Our very first podcast was supposed to be only 5 or 6 minutes long, so it could be a segment inside another more established podcast. Alas, we babbled on for 16 minutes and were awarded our own podcast as a result. Viva la Stuck in the 80s!

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