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This podcast left an unpleasant aftertaste



Giftbox There's been a lot of chatter about the latest podcast and our scarfing of the infamous Korean snacks. So here's a pic or two, along with a letter from uber-fan John B. of Redondo Beach.

Hey Spearsy! I'm listening to your podcast where you got the snacks from Jen in Korea. I wanted to note a couple of things, being full Korean myself.

First off, that silkworm stuff, believe you me, it's not like all Koreans eat that stuff. With me and my friends, sometimes, as a bet during a game, we bet that the losers have to eat one of those straight out of the can.  They're horrible. Don't, for the love of God, eat those unless you lose a bet.

Secondly, Korean food has a lot less sugar than American food. In many Korean homes, and at my house, fruit is often served as a dessert. This will give you an idea of (I don't want to speak of all Koreans here, but for a lot of us) what our level of "sweet" implies in terms of sugar. So if you guys ever happen upon Korean desserts, don't expect a sugar rush. For snacks you might like, you might want to try shrimp chips. 

Spam BTW, that Spam might be spicy because it was fried in the same pan as kimchi. Rice, with fried spam & kimchi ain't bad. And you gotta tell me what Sean called that Spam when that long bleep-out happened.

-- John B. of Redondo Beach

(No way am I giving away what Sean compared to the taste of Spam. It's better bleeped.)

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