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Podcast: Rock dinosaurs of the '80s (aka "I have a theory about Supertramp...")



supertramp.jpgIn the nearly six-year history of Stuck in the '80s, I've said some pretty dumb things. ("You made me this way!" and "Dare I say classic?" and especially "Introducing today's co-host -- Vegas Girlfriend!") But this week's catch-phrase is so idiotic that the stigma of having to listen to it over and over again was enough for me to put off editing our new podcast for nearly a week. Today, with no joy in my heart, I finished it.

Introducing: "I have a theory about Supertramp..."

This week's show is all about the "rock dinosaurs" of the '80s -- the bands who had reached their critical mountain tops in the years and decades before the '80s, but who still managed to crank out some pretty good tunes during our magical decade.

It's the first of several shows about rock dinosaurs, because there's simply no easy way to squeeze them all into one episode. And because, of course, we want your suggestions on who to honor in upcoming sequels. There is no need, though, to suggest Supertramp.

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