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Podcast: Tears and loafing in Las Vegas



group.jpgSomedays, I feel like Brian Dennehy in Cocoon:"Every 10 or 11,000 years I make a horrible mistake." This time, the mistake was insisting that Stuck in the '80s co-host and future Gamblers Anonymous celebrity spokesman Sean Daly come along to Lost '80s Weekend in Las Vegas.

So Daly came, he saw, he drank a billion Red Bulls and he disappeared, leaving behind only a trail of ATM slips that were soggy from his constant sobbing. Oh sure, it LOOKS like Daly is in this group photo taken at the concert Saturday night at Mandalay Bay. But if you look more closely, you'll notice it's actually Steve Guttenberg -- we just fired up PhotoShop and took off a few years and and all his body hair, as you can clearly see in the unaltered photo below.

seanspears.jpgRelive all the Vegas hijinx in our latest podcast. Click here to download. Or click here to get them all for free (Vegas disapproves!) via iTunes.

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5. "Can you buy me another Red Bull and vodka? Last time I'll ask, I swear."

4. "The seafood tower can't be THAT expensive. Trust me."

3. "We spent the whole night talking about what a great guy you are!"

2. "I only lost $300 the whole weekend."

1. "I'll be right there!"

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