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Podcast time: Van Halen, Ferris and the absolute last time we ever mention Madonna



Van Halen/AP photo

Ah, yes. Diamond Dave and the Van Halen boys. So soothing. So controversy free. I want to reach out and give them a big ole hug. And yeah, I'll probably buy their new album, A Different Kind of Truth, even though it's the least Van Halen-esque title in the history of the band. (I hear the music "melts your face," if that's a good thing.)

This week's Stuck in the '80s podcast returns to the familiar, safe territory of our "80s News Now" format. It's about as quick, painless and ultimately as useless as a flu shot. Sadly, we also chose to cover ...


Oh man, what were we thinking? Is there anyway of bringing up Madge without the '80s Nation tearing itself apart? Among the comments we got on our Facebook page: 

  • "As an outsider from Australia who just watched a SB replay. The whole half time show seemed like smoke and mirrors. A tribute to style over substance. In the end it was an aged woman dancing, there was no singing going on. An abbreviated episode of Glee."
  • "Great production. Great guests! Madge has not slowed done yet!"
  • "Horrible. She almost fell down once, and was certainly lip syncing. Is this what people pay good money to see at her concerts? And who's gonna buy that CD."
  • "While the new song she did was about as complicated as Row, Row, Row Your Boat at least it struck a positive note."
  • "Seems like Madonna's being held to a higher standard than some of our (mostly male) 80s icons from recent super bowls who sounded terrible, looked terrible and didn't do squat in the way of actually putting on a halftime *show.*"

I think if we discussed Republican vs. Democratic policy on government-supported health care, it'd be less mean-spirited and divisive. Congratulations, Madonna. You destroyed our country. No wonder you moved to England!

In all seriousness, I think we've officially exhausted the topic of Madonna in Stuck in the '80s Land. Short of her remaking Desperately Seeking Susan, we won't bring her up again. Promise.

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