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Podcast time: Viva Las Vegas



Ap_vegas Months in the creation, days of travel, hours in the editing room, moments of total angst, and finally it all yields 44 minutes of simple yet sublime storytelling: The latest episode of Stuck in the 80s is finally online.

This week's show: The tale of the Las Vegas powwow, complete with a retelling of our nights with Morris Day and The Time and the Regeneration Tour. Click here to listen. Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.

I'm sure many of those who experienced Vegas are still feeling the aftereffects. For one, we all have "mystery bruises" that haven't healed. (Mine are oddly on my upper arms; others report bruised calves or disfigured knees.) Another odd result of the trip: I now crave shrimp and cocktail sauce three times a day. If I could just figure a way to make an alcoholic drink out of the concoction, most of life's problems would be solved.

Normally, I'd never offer a special "Music Inspired By This Week's Show" playlist, but I feel guilty for not putting enough tunes in this week's episode. So enjoy the added music, while the rest of us remain together in electric dreams.

Songs for Stuck in Vegas

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