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Stuckin80sgang Raise a glass and enjoy our latest podcast of Stuck in the 80s -- our salute to drinking in the 80s. Click here to listen or click here to subscribe the whole series for free on iTunes.

This week's show was recorded at the Green Iguana Bar & Grille in St. Petersburg, Fla. (Special shout-out to manager Ben Horstman and our server Rob). We recorded so much material, it was difficult to cut it down to a tolerable 45 minutes. (If you enjoy the show, maybe we'll eventually use the material we trimmed out. Including the awful "Hayride to Hell with Southern Comfort and the Vomiting Sorority Girl" story.)

Meanwhile, you'll have to be content with:

-- Our favorite drinking songs from the 80s (yep, a lot of George Thorogood and Pogues).

Arthur1 -- The movies that fueled our thirst back in the 80s. (Queue up Arthur!)

-- A shot-by-shot description of the drinks we swilled during the show, including perhaps the first ever recorded shot of a "Screaming Orgasm."

-- Sean Daly's famous "Bladder Bust at Syracuse" story.

-- Cathy's shameful lust for Canadian rock band The Pursuit of Happiness and singer Moe Berg as well as her unnatural attachment to Spuds McKenzie.

Don't forget to download our favorite drink recipes from the 80s. Just in time for New Year's Eve. Nothing like shocking your family and friends with a tray full of Kamikaze's.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the show.

Don't forget Molly!

Leave us your questions for Molly Ringwald. We'll ask them during our interview with her next week! Click here to leave a comment.

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