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The Police cry for 911

Police Only a couple of gigs into their much-hyped reunion tour and things sound like they're beginning to unravel for The Police.

In his blog, Drummer Stewart Copeland details his gripes about the band's show in Vancouver. First, he trips and falls onto his drum platform, then bangs the gong a little too loud and a little too early and then "misses the sweet spot and the big pompous opening to the show is a damp squib."

The list of snafus goes on: "
Andy [Summers] has started the opening guitar riff to 'MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE' and the crowd is going nuts. Problem is, I missed hearing him start. Is he on the first time around or the second? I look over at Sting and he's not much help, his cue is me – and I'm lost." Long story short -- he joined the song at the wrong beat and suddenly the band is a half a bar out of sync.

Police apologists are probably out there saying, "Ah, that's OK. Opening-of-the-tour jitters." But Stewart isn't finished. He goes on to rip Sting as a "
petulant pansy" at one point and described two of their tunes as "avant-garde twelve-tone hodgepodges."

But before you cash in your tickets for the gig in your town, you should at least know the mighty Mr. Copeland is taking it all in stride: "
Funny thing is, we are enjoying ourselves anyway.  Screw it, it's only music."

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