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Porky's (the movie) meets Porky's (the hand sanitizer)



porkkleen_bacon_scented_hand_sanitizer.jpgActually, it's called PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer. But when I think pork, I think of the 1982 teen flick Porky's. And can I say this? Easily one of the most over-rated movies of our decade.

Except for the "Lassie" scene. And maybe the part about calling a police sketch artist to figure whose .... nevermind. Can't say it here. (Okay, so it's not all that bad.)

Anyway, back to today's gift idea: PorkKleen. Here's the description for it on

"If you're looking to win friends and influence people, we have the product that will launch you into super stardom. PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer will give your hands the distinct odeur of crisp, delicious bacon."

"And as an added bonus, PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer actually santizes your hands, killing the germs you'll acquire when you shake the hands of all of those new friends you've just made."

The price? A mere $3.99 a bottle. Plenty of change leftover for a Top 5 list...


5. "All I need is a watermelon and two jelly donuts!"

4. "That's angel food cake. You touch her and the Food and Drug Administration will get ya for f------ food."

3. "Peewee, tie a knot in it."

2. "I've got him now, and I'm not going to let him slip through my fingers again."

1. "Why do they call you Lassie?"

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