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'Potential nausea situation building here!'



Sean_young In the late 80s, Sean Young had Hollywood by the ... well, you know. Great co-starring spots in "No Way Out" and "Cousins." Nice spicy roles in "Blade Runner" and "Wall Street."

And then, the 90s came, and suddenly she was crazier than Michael Jackson's plastic surgery adviser. Nuttier than Danny DeVito on a Limoncello bender. And basically, more desperate for an acting job than Clint Howard when his brother Ron is on vacation.

Latest example: Young went bizarro at the 2008 Director's Guild Awards over the weekend, according to Access Hollywood. Young interrupted speeches and taunted winners from her table before she was forcibly removed by security guards.

Somewhere today in Hollywood, Tom Cruise is muttering: "Thank Hubbard, she's not a Scientologist."


5. YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE (1982): Ah yes, "Dr. Stephanie Brody" almost single-handedly cured my fear of hospitals.

4. STRIPES (1981): She plays the M.P. who hooks up with Harold Ramis.

3. COUSINS (1989): Ten Danson's wife -- and object of lust at every wedding in the movie.

2. BLADE RUNNER (1982): The creepy and cold replicant Rachael. "I'm not in the business. I am the business."

1. NO WAY OUT (1987): Her character gets to sleep with both Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. Maybe that's what sent her to the padded room. "We've got a potential nausea situation building here!"

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