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Pretty in Pink -- best movie of the 80s?

Our Stuck in the 80s podcast show on the 1986 masterpiece Pretty in Pink is now online. Click here to download it. Or click here to subscribe to the whole series of podcasts for free on iTunes.

In the show, the hosts debate whether it's actually the best teen film of the 80s. At the very least, it certainly sports one of the best soundtracks of the 80s, so prepare yourself for plenty of music, including one song that wasn't included on the soundtrack. (Gotta love the Rave-Ups.)

Other trivia you'll discover while listening:
-- Find out which two actors turned down the role of Duckie, before the character landed on the lap of Jon Cryer, who turned it into one of his best acting pieces ever.
-- Hear the exciting news about the original ending of the movie ... soon to be available for the first time.
-- Discover the answer to the nearly-impossible "name that 80s tune" challenge and try the latest challenge. You could win Cathy's car! (Or more likely a hat and pen.)
-- Special bonus for 80s addicts: Click here to download Pretty in Pink wallpaper for your computer monitor. (Yeah, I did it. I'm hopeless.)

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