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'Princess Bride' remake rumors are false ... Blame the Dread Pirate Roberts



princessbride.jpgPrincess Bride is set for a remake! Everyone is reporting it, based on a tiny blog item from Paste magazine, back in December. However, turns out that idea is actually (*probably*) in eel-infested waters.

According to the rumor, Jason Reitman was holding cast readings of the script, featuring Paul Rudd as Wesley (the part originally played by Cary Elwes in the 1987 movie.) The rumor was brought back to live today by NBC, which confirmed the reading. The International Business Times today says it's all false. So is

Exactly how they know it's all false is still up for debate. One actor is still not through with Twitter rumor-mongering. "Love reading all the idiots who somehow believe I'm involved in a PRINCESS BRIDE re-make," wrote Patton Oswalt. "Calm down, Twitter. PRINCESS BRIDE is DEFINITELY being re-made, but I am NOT involved. It's an all-black version. I am, however, signed on to an all-white remake of THE WIZ."

In case you're wondering, here are the other would-be/rumored casting/table-reading decisions, had any of this panned out: Buttercup to be played by The Office's Mindy Kaling; Oswalt to play Vizzini, and Kevin Pollack to play Miracle Max (originally perfected by Billy Crystal).

I know everyone is officially throwing dirt on the idea, but after this dust-up, my guess is that Hollywood isn't done with the project just yet.

[Last modified: Monday, January 23, 2012 2:35pm]


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