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'Progressively nostalgic' Boy George wants to reform Culture Club



Boy George/AP photo

Culture Club and Boy George ... back together again? Of all the possible '80s reunions, this one seems about as likely as Morrissey and Marr burying the hatchet for a new Smiths tour. Or Steve Perry and Neal Schon going to a Sandals resort together for Valentine's Day. (Don't stop believing, Journey fans. Just don't...)

Anyhoo, it appears that at least Boy George is up for a reunion. "We are getting back together," Boy George (known to British prison officially as George O'Dowd) told the the BBC late last month. "This year I'm doing the Here and Now tour ... on my own," but "it's kind of a precursor for what I'm doing with Culture Club in 2012. We'll be doing a proper huge worldwide tour. And a new album."

Meanwhile, the singer is openly talking about his time behind bars, where he landed for a variety of offenses (mostly related to drugs).

"It's such an unknown situation" the Boy told the Guardian in a new interview. "If you've never been there before you don't know how things run, so you're just trying to get through it. And then, of course, you come out and it feels like it never happened. I remember when I got out, being in a petrol station and having money in my pocket. It's so alien. You've been away for so long and then suddenly you're out and can do normal things. The first thing I bought was a Ginsters cheese and onion pasty. I remember joking and saying: 'This tastes of freedom.' "

He also waxes poetically about his glory days in the '80s and the loss of that unique period.

"I would describe myself as feeling 'progressively nostalgic'. There's always great music being made, but things have changed, the landscape has changed, and there's no point trying to compete with Tinchy Stryder. I don't really feel part of the pop scene. I do what I do and I have an audience and I work a lot, and thank God for that, but I'm not trying to recreate what I had. I do have a lot more downtime now and there is a separation between what I do for work and what I do in my private life, and I like that. Because there wasn't always, you know?"

[Last modified: Monday, February 14, 2011 9:53am]


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