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Raging Bull 2 ... there's actually a sequel?!?

robert-de-niro-in-raging--007.jpgGet this: There's apparently a sequel to 1980's Raging Bull that's almost complete, but movie fans may never get to see it anyway.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MGM Studios is suing Jake LaMotta, the 90-year-old boxing champ, and RBII Production, which is close to finishing a $13 million sequel.

Robert De Niro played LaMotta in the 1980 Martin Scorsese-directed movie, but he's not involved with Raging Bull II: Continuing the Story of Jake LaMotta, which is based on a 1986 book that LaMotta co-wrote, THR says. (William Forsythe plays LaMotta this time.)

It seems that MGM maintains it has rights to any sequels under the same agreement. LaMotta isn't happy about it either.

"How can you fight a company that big?" he told the New York Post. "All of these business things, I don’t bother with it because I’m not capable, physically or mentally, because I don't hear so good."

[Last modified: Thursday, July 5, 2012 12:44pm]


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