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Raising Arizona: Classic or overrated?



Now that we're compiling our list of Best Comedies of the 80s, the first real issue has been tossed into the murky soup: Is Raising Arizona worthy of the honor?

Confession: I'm not a fan of the 1987 flick starring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter. And I can't put a finger on why. I like Nic Cage. I like Holly Hunter. And I like other movies by the Coen brothers.

Here's my theory:

-- In '87, I was in college and probably still enjoying John Hughes' teen movies a little too much for my age. ("Some Kind of Wonderful" came out that year. Classic.)

-- I really don't like any movie that features southern accents. (Do they have southern accents in Arizona?) Growing up in Florida (which I maintain is NOT part of the South), I bristle at the twang so largely identified with this part of the world. (Side theory: Are all movies with southern accents also "chick flicks?" ... Fried Green Tomatoes ... Steel Magnolias. Think about it.)

-- Nic Cage makes one good movie for every 10 bad ones. I count on one hand the movies with him that I enjoy (Valley Girl, Leaving Las Vegas, Moonstruck, City of Angels, Racing with the Moon). So the odds were against him already.

-- Not a huge fan of prison movies either. Except Shawshank Redemption. ("Get busy living, or get busy dying." )

I know, I know. Stupid reasons. So give me some good reasons to put it high on the list and you shall have your great reward.

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