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This week, too, "Yo! MTV Raps!" debuted. It was August 6, 1988 that host Fab Five Freddy (immortalized by Debbie Harry and Blondie years before in "Rapture")and producer Ted Demme (who would go on to become a major Hollywood director) brought the Saturday hip hop program into the living rooms of mainstream America. It is the first national rap program on television and it quickly scores MTV its highest ratings ever. "Yo! MTV Raps!" soon becomes a daily show hosted by Long Island DJ Dr. Dre and rapper Ed Lover, who spin videos by the likes of De La Soul and L.L. Cool J introducing these artists to kids hungry for a new sound. Not surprisingly, rap album sales skyrocket, the face (certainly its color) of MTV begins to change, and pop music, in general, has never been the same.

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