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Reader mailbag: How our podcast almost ruined a marriage



taylor.jpgWe get all sorts of e-mails here at Stuck in the '80s. Some endearing. Some encouraging. Some strange. Some containing photo attachments we dare not open in the office. But this one from Erin Reasor really stood out this week. You'll hear it again in our next podcast's reader mailbag, but it was too good to wait. (Bonus points for anyone would can name the actor and movie in the photo to the right.)

Dear Sean and Steve, though mostly for Sean who claims to get less reader mail...

Is it possible to stalk someone 20 years after the fact? I am a new listener to to podcast, but I apparently have been following in Sean Daly's footsteps. I, too, grew up in Pennsylvania. I went to Syracuse University, class of 1993. I traveled the I-79 corridor, dodging potholes, on my way to visit the boyfriend in Pittsburgh, my hometown. And I recently discovered I could have bumped into Sean at the Edie Brickell concert. Alas, now that I finally know of Sean I will have to stalk from afar, preferably while eating Funyuns.

I do need to give full credit to my husband for discovering your show. While I keep one foot in the present, he tries to keep both feet firmly planted in the '80s. He was giddy one recent weekend when he discovered you had not one but TWO new podcasts to listen to. I could hear him cackling over the witty repartee of our favorite co-hosts. When I asked him what was so funny, he became a bit defensive and announced, "Look. Life is short, and I want to spend as much time as possible with Steve and Sean."

Hmmm, nice to see where his wife and family rank. To make it up to me, a few days later he brought home two small bags of Funyuns and signed one from Sean and one from "Spearsy."

Thanks for making us laugh and for keeping us stuck in the '80s,
Erin (and Mike) Reasor



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