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Ready to reach out and touch Princess Leia?



Princess Leia Metal Slave BikiniStar Wars fans from around the world are heading to Orlando this weekend for a huge convention: Celebration V. Sadly, I won't there, but Carrie Fisher will be.

Times film critic Steve Persall got a chance to interview "Princess Leia," now 53 years old. Here are some highlights from their talk.

What should Star Wars fans NOT do when they meet you?

"... They can do whatever they want. I'm a very interested observer of the whole thing. It's a really amazing phenomenon. I'm no more a part of it than they are. I'm a different part, but we're all immersed in it. My immersion is a little more inadvertent but not much."

What was inadvertent about it?

"I never intended to be this thing. I did this movie I thought would be great, but I never thought I'd become . . . well, I'm not an icon, but the movie is iconic. There was no way to anticipate something like that."

Have you ever resented fame as Princess Leia?

"Sexually. (laughs) I didn't want to ever give anyone the anecdote: "I (had sex with) Princess Leia." Given that I did the movie when I was 19 that cut me off almost right away. I went into long-term relationships almost immediately. Had I had that instinct to be promiscuous — which I didn't but could've in a rebellion against (her mother Debbie Reynolds) — it just wouldn't have flown."

Click here to read his full interview.

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