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Ready for some 80s break-up stories?



Our latest podcast episode is now online. Click here to download it. This week, we discuss the great break-up and rallying songs of the 80s. A little REO. Some Phil Collins. And a lot more. Just be surprised for once, OK? Also, you're discover:

-- That fans of this blog prefer Against All Odds to Separate Lives. And Just Once to Take It on the Run. (Drive also won among the 5 Cars songs.)
-- That all of Sean Daly's really demented stories happened in the Northeast, and primarily on boardwalks. (All the more reason for Tampa to build its Riverwalk, so he can start stockpiling adventures again.)
-- That Steve is still emotionally rattled by a break-up in 1987. Get over it already! (And whatever you do, don't play any Genesis around him.)

Next week, we'll break out of this depressing funk and get back to the fun-loving goons you've grown to enjoy.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:16pm]


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