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Any Vision Quest fans out there? The 1985 movie featured the debut of Matthew Modine (where are you now, Matt?), a young Linda Fiorentino and our favorite 80s character actor Michael Schoeffling as the would-be Indian affectionately known as Kuch (better known as Jake Ryan in "Sixteen Candles.")

The movie pits Modine as a high school wrestler trying to take on Ryan Shute, a rival wrestler who hasn't lose a match in three years. Shute's played by Frank Jasper, a wrestler in the Marines who worked in one other flick ("The Freeway Maniac") before presumably calling it quits in Hollywood. (Rumor has it that he's the guy holding the "Will wrestle for food" sign in the Van Halen video for "Right Now.")

Here's some more Vision Quest trivia:

-- The original title was "Crazy For You," the name of the Madonna song in the movie. It's the first big screen appearance for the future pop star, who also sings "Gambler."

-- The title was changed to "Vision Quest" because the movie is based on the novel of the same name by Terry Davis. The novel ends at the beginning of the big wrestling match, so readers don't know if Louden or Shute wins. The author has a cameo in the movie: He's the mustached man sitting next to Mr. Tanneran at the match.

-- Daphne Zuniga plays the high school newspaper editor with a crush on Modine. She also later plays his love interest in Gross Anatomy (1989).

-- Michael Schoeffling ("Kuch") had a modeling career before and after his acting gigs in the 80s. He was an accomplished wrestler in high school and college. In 2004, the Washington Post wrote an article called "Real men can't hold a match to Jake Ryan of Sixteen Candles." Today, he has a business building hand-crafted furniture in Pennsylvania.

Want more Vision Quest trivia? You'll have to wait for this week's Stuck in the 80s podcast. But feel free to answer this question: Despite the love angle, is this just a guy movie in disguise?

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