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A real Vice for fans: Sonny's car



VicecarGot about $40,000 in your bank account? Then you can buy the 1981 Corvette Chassid Daytona Spider used in seasons 1 and 2 of Miami Vice. The car, which was called a Ferrari on the show, is being sold on eBay by its owner. (Click here to see the car's bid page on eBay.)


Crockett and Tubbs spent a lot of time cruising the streets of Miami and South Beach in the car, which was "blown up" in season 2. (Ferrari wasn't happy that a Corvette was being used to sub for their car, so they gave the show a real Ferrari for future seasons.)

The car, which has only 5,200 miles on it, still runs though it's been sitting outside for about seven years, reports Classic Motor Cars, the firm selling the vehicle. The current bid is $37,101.

[Photo: eBay; click to enlarge]

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