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Reason #312 to be a vegetarian




Oh wow. A McDLT commercial straight from our beloved '80s. With Jason Alexander! Dressed like Don Johnson -- God, I hope that's what he was aiming for -- from Miami Vice!

I'm proud to say I'm an alumnus of a McDonald's grill team from back in the '80s (because back then, men worked the grill and only females worked the registers -- at least in my store). But I'm 99 percent sure I never made a McDLT. (A little trivia: The McDLT was discontinued not because it was unpopular, but because the patented Styrofoam container that was needed to keep the hot and cool sides separated was ruled too environmentally unfriendly when McDonald's switched to paper containers.)

I was still behind the grill, however, for the original Chicken McNuggets (which we wrapped in cheese slices and flash-fried in the hot oil for a snack) and the unfortunate McRib sandwich phenomenon. (And yes, that's reason #1 to be a vegetarian.)

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