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Red Dawn remake: First review is in!

reddawn.jpgThe Red Dawn remake is just months away from hitting theater screens -- until the next studio delay anyway -- and we're just now seeing our first review of the movie.

Seventeen-year-old movie fan Tyler Scruggs posted a review of the remake on his blog Explanations Are Such Cheap Poetry, and it appears he was actually pretty positive about it.

"In the original, the iconic invasion scene takes place at school, whereas in the remake it takes place one morning in Spokane, WA.," Scruggs writes in his review. "I honestly don’t know which one I prefer. One is chilling because it's so random, but the other is terrifying as well because of the suburban setting. We see families look up in the sky in confusion at the parachutes and planes and that sight still scares the crap out of me."

Other tips about the new plot:

  • "There is a lengthy news show montage that explains that Europe and America have essentially gone bankrupt with Asia and North Korea in association with some other countries wish to stop the evil Americans from being so darn greedy and they're 'here to help’'."
  • "Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth) is a recently retuned Iraq vet. He still plays leader and teaches the kids the ways of guerilla warfare, but it was sort of a downer to see a grown-up in the middle of the action."
  • "There was not one mention of the word 'communism' or 'World War III'."

Scruggs told Stuck in the '80s via e-mail how he managed to score a seat at a Red Dawn preview.

"I (and perhaps many of your readers) frequent, a website that gives away movie passes to advanced screenings," he wrote. "I was surfing and was VERY surprised to find a RED DAWN screening for May 2nd. I jumped on them right away, haha. The screening was held at The Landmark in west Los Angeles (and has since become my favorite theater)."

So far, nobody involved with the film has contacted him to object to his very-early review.

"I have not been contacted by the studio at all, and I've also given my information away if anyone has a problem with it. No one has," he said.

So, with a release date of Nov. 21 coming closer and closer, who's ready to see this remake?

[Last modified: Friday, July 6, 2012 9:50am]


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