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'Red Dawn' remake sets invasion for 2012



reddawn120704.jpgRemember that remake of Red Dawn we were all worried about, and then suddenly forgot when the studios shelved it? Well, like the very Red Menace itself, it has a way of making a comeback when you least expect it. The L.A. Times says we can now expect it next year.

One big change though: Instead of Chinese, the villains will now be North Koreans (thanks to digital modification.)

"After MGM emerged from bankruptcy in late 2009 and decided it wouldn’t release the movie, no other studio wanted to touch Red Dawn for fear of offending the government of China, a hugely important market in the increasingly global film business," the Times reports. "As a result, the movie’s producers last winter used digital technology and creative editing to change most of the invaders to North Koreans. (Staunchly communist North Korea is economically isolated and not a market for any American products.) Still, it took most of the year to find a distributor willing to take the movie on."

In all fairness, it wasn't just the idea of the villains being Chinese that made this remake distasteful: It's the entire concept! Back in 1984, when the first Red Dawn debuted, the idea of a Russian/Cuban invasion was more of a legitimate threat. Well, at least it was conceivable. But with all due respect to North Korea, they haven't been a threat since the third season of M*A*S*H.

But, in case you still want to see it, at least we now will recognize its star, Chris Hemsworth, who played the title character in Thor while Red Dawn gathered dust.

[Last modified: Thursday, October 6, 2011 9:09am]


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