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Red Dawn remake trailer now online: These wolverines have some bite



So this is what the Red Dawn remake looks like? To be honest, I was cringing in the moments before it began playing, but I had chills a couple of times while watching it.

Five thoughts that come to mind:

1. Sure, the story seems nearly identical, but I like the little twists we see so far. The action begins a little before it did in the first movie. Obviously, subbing in North Koreans for Russians and Cubans is something we expected, but I still like the move. Plus, it appears there's a new secret weapon that comes into play as part of the plot.

2. The action is obviously ramped up. A lot. The shot of the plane getting its wing shot off and crashing into the neighbor's house was something else.

3. Harry Dean Stanton has definitely been avenged here. The role of the dad/town sheriff looks pretty awesome.

4. Where's the snow? It's not Red Dawn without a winter!

5. Will I see it? Now, I'm pretty sure I will. Nov. 21 can't come soon enough.

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