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This remake idea is more dog than wolf



Teenwolf02 A remake of Teen Wolf -- the werewolf flick made infamous by Michael J. Fox in 1985 (and unwatchable by Jason Bateman in 1987) -- is in the works. Tom Welling (TV's Smallville) is reportedly on-board to co-star in the flick.

Why remake Teen Wolf? In the immortal words of Bluto Blutarsky, "WHY NOT?!?"

No, seriously ... why? It wasn't exactly a classic the first time around, even though it has a soft spot in the hearts of some 80s fans. When Michael J. Fox sat down on The Actor's Studio, he even tried white-washing that role, saying no one probably remembers it. (The student audience, however, gave the movie an enthusiastic and surprising round of applause).

An interesting twist this time around: The werewolf will be played by a female. (Are you waiting for a punchline? Because one isn't coming. That's really the only difference reported so far.)

Teen Wolf is easily one of the least memorable movies of the 80s. Is that the rationale to remake it? Well, then, try these other movies from the 80s:

Five more unremarkable movies from the 80s to remake:
5. Light of Day (1987): If it must be a Michael J. Fox movie, this would cries out to be done better.
4. The Pick-Up Artist (1987): Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey Jr. reunite!
3. Vice Versa (1988): This plot has been reused more often than a J-Lo wedding dress.
2. Endless Love (1981): The most overrated romantic flick of the 80s, and nobody has been tempted to redo it? Incredible.
1. Last American Virgin (1982): Keep the soundtrack, but get Lindsey Lohan to play the "virgin" role originally played by Diane Franklin. Delicious.

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