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A remake of Point Break?!? Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn't it?



point_break.jpgPoint Break, the 1991 movie starring Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze, is being prepped for a Hollywood remake -- with surfing being replaced by extreme sports in the storyline, according to After you stop screaming profanities at your computer screen, consider this: Every other '80s classic has been similarly raked over. And Point Break, being the greatest '80s movie not actually released during the '80s, was just due.

"I know Johnny. I know you hate Hollywood so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But, not this time."

According to, Alcon Entertainment has "secured rights to the project the week of the original film’s 20th anniversary from RGM Media, John McMurrick and Chris Taylor. Kosove and Johnson will produce along with Michael DeLuca, John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor and Kurt Wimmer who also wrote the screenplay (Salt, Law Abiding Citizen, upcoming Total Recall). RGM Media principal Devesh Chetty and investor John McMurrick, Chairman o fMarloss Entertainment, will serve as Executive Producers. The film is being fast tracked, with the filmmakers set to take the project out to directors soon."

Yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. So get to the good stuff. Will the plot be the same? Yes ... and no.

"The new version is set in the world of international extreme sports, and like the original involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring, but plot points beyond that have not been revealed by the filmmakers." 

Umm, yeah. Thank you for making this an easy decision, Hollywood. No surfing. No Swayze. No trip to the cineplex. I'm passing on this one.


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3. "Why be a servant to the law, when you can be it's master?"

2. "If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love."

1. "Yo, Johnny! I see you in the next life!"

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