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Remember the time when Martha Davis fired The Motels?



Things were going great for Martha Davis and The Motels until in 1987 she decided to fire her band and go solo. Her first single off her Policy album was the gorgeous Don’t Tell Me the Time. The album was dismissed by critics and ignored by the public and the single stalled at No. 80 on the charts.

Still, I consider this song as one of my all time favorites that stands the test of time and is a showcase for Davis’ trademark vocal talents. Martha is also 1/3 of the answer to a tough '80's trivia question. Besides Martha, who were the other "Three Most Important People in the World" in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Martha and The Motels got back together and still tour, especially on the ‘80s circuit. 

BTW, today is Martha's birthday, born Jan. 15, 1951.

- Kevin Wuench, guest blogger

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