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Remember your '80s prom? Welcome to your nightmare



Prom1987 Big hair, that tight tux and whose bright idea was it to get a peach tie and cumberbund? (Umm, actually that's the color I chose my junior year. And thankfully I don't have a photo to show you.)

If you thought your prom back in the '80s is a distant memory never to be recalled or ridiculed in public again, then holy Wolverines, I have some bad news for you: We're collecting all your prom photos -- and other '80s photos -- and putting them online at our Stuck in the '80s fan page on Facebook.

Check out the 1987 prom photo here from Kandice Halfacre, who right now is probably plotting her revenge for me posting this on the blog. "Big hair was a requirement," Kandice insists via e-mail.

Check out more prom and senior class photos on our Facebook fan page. Yep, you ought to join. And yes, you should e-mail me your photos too. There's plenty of shame to go around.

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