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Retro-review: Krull is anything but dull



Krull_2 Today's retro-review: 1983's Krull, starring Ken Marshall (Feds, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Lysette Anthony (Look Who's Talking Now) and Freddie Jones (Dune, Young Sherlock Holmes).

The plot: A prince must find a razor-tipped boomerang to free his beloved from the Black Fortress of the Beast -- a blurry and never fully-seen cross between Alien and Eddie from Iron Maiden. Seem simple enough? Well, the Black Fortress changes locations every 24 hours. And it turns out that the weapon really can't defeat the beast. Only love can. Awwwww.

Sound familiar: If you mated Star Wars with Lord of the Rings, you'd find baby "Krull."

Maybe you remember: Liam Neeson, in his first role since 1981's Excalibur, plays a bit part as a criminal helping the prince.

Surely you can't forget: David Battley handles the comic relief as Ergo, a shape-shifting sidekick. "Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision. And I do not travel with peasants and beggars. Goodbye!"

One nasty review: "A blatantly derivative hodgepodge of Excalibur meets Star Wars." (

One nicer review: "If Krull had a tighter and more coherent script, it would probably be a more famous flick within its genre." (

Why we love it anyway: Some creative mythology, impressive special effects for its time, a good dose of British humor to wash away the overacting of the two lead American actors, and the deliciously evil "slayers" -- the soldiers of the beast who upon their death have their heads open up so the creatures inside can escape into the ground. (Yeesh, the stuff of nightmares when you see it the first time at age 13.)

Watch it again: April 10, Showtime. Or rent find it here on Netflix, or find it here on

Top 5 lines from Krull:
5. "Now look petal, faithful is my middle name."
4. "He marches us towards a solid face of rock. The man has raisins in his braincase."
3. "Fame? It's an empty purse. Count it, go broke. Eat it, go hungry. Seek it, go mad!"
2. "Power is fleeting; love is eternal."
1. "I was wrong. The journey was worthwhile. Finish it for me."

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