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Retro-review: There's no 'W' in Rambo!




Today's first blog item is provided by the Vegas Girlfriend, whose insomnia is finally put to good use. Take it away, VGF.

TODAY'S RETRO-REVIEW: 2007's Son of Rambow, starring Neil Dudgeon, Will Poulter, Bill Milner and Jessica Hynes. Written and directed by Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

THE PLOT: Will (Milner), a quiet boy with artistic talent and a fertile imagination who is not allowed to watch TV or movies, befriends Lee (Poulter), the resident misunderstood bad boy of the tweedy English school they both attend in 1984. Will watches his first movie, a duped copy of Rambo: First Blood, at Lee's house, and the two boys work together to film their own sequel to the 1982 commie-fightin' classic. The tagline: Make Believe, Not War. (Watch the trailer | Official website)

MAYBE YOU REMEMBER: This film was directed by Garth Jennings, who along with his directing partner Nick Goldsmith, directed the fantastic video for Coffee and TV by Blur. It's the one with the adorable little dancing milk carton.

SURELY YOU CAN'T FORGET: Tres cool French foreign exchange student Didier Revol (played by Jules Sitruk), worshiped by all the English kids, who looks like he stepped off the set of an early Duran Duran video, as well as quite possibly the best '80s party ever committed to film. Great '80s soundtrack featuring Duran Duran, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

WHAT THE CRITICS SAID: "The boys' video project is modern enough to stand in contrast to the brick and tweed of the locale, but rather than glossing over that uncomfortable fit, Jennings highlights it with a one-man Flock Of Seagulls." - Robert Davis, Paste Magazine

WHY WE LOVE IT: The total kid enthusiasm of discovering something very simple yet life-changing is exhilarating. It's also a paean to being individual and artistic, and it's a sweet story of friendship. All in all, a film with a huge heart. If you don't have a smile on your face by the end of this film, you're crabbier than John Rambo. Or Steve Spears after he's run out of Wild Turkey.


5. "Bonjour Angleterre."

4. "Not including the bit about losing my dad's watch, this has been my best day of all time!"

3. "Those earrings make you look like an angel."

2. "We need to leave here right now, before the evil scarecrow finds us!"

1. "By the way, you spelled the title slightly wrong, there's no W in Rambo. It's still good though."

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