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Reunited ... it would feel so good



Reodiane_1 You know the toughest part of being an 80s fan? (Other than having a closet full of REO Speedwagon concert jerseys and a bookshelf housing the complete movie collection of Diane Franklin on VHS?)

It's that all our favorite rock acts are starting to resemble cover bands more than the real thing. You can lose a drummer or bassist here and there and survive. But lose your lead vocalist and suddenly you're in danger of playing the lounge at the Quality Inn in Ashtabula, Ohio.

So help decide this issue: Which band would benefit most from the return of their legendary lead vocalists?

Rickocasek Who's missing: Ric Ocasek
Who's singing now: Todd Rundgren
Chances for reconciliation: Never say never. Ocasek still puts out the occasional solo album while producing records for other bands. Though he has said he hates touring and didn't want to reunite the band, Ocasek appeared on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report in April 2006 to put Rundgren "on notice." Publicity stunt or punchline? Let's hope it's neither.

Dennis_deyoung Who's missing: Dennis DeYoung
Who's singing now: Lawrence Gowan
Chances for reconciliation: Not too good. Longtime personality differences have played a big role in the ever-changing lineup, and recent legal battles between DeYoung and the rest of the band have only made things worse. Trouble is, "Lawrence Gowan" sounds like the name of a mythical Dungeons & Dragons creature, not a rock star. However, DeYoung still tours solo and performs the music of the band, so maybe the lure of a big payday can patch things up for one more tour.

Steve_perry Who's missing: Steve Perry
Who's singing now: Jeff Scott Soto
Chances for reconciliation:  Soto just got the full-time gig last month and a spring tour is in the works. But Im betting there's a decent chance we'll see Steve again. With the bands' blessing, Perry produced Journey's Escape Tour DVD last year. Go the distance, Steve.

David_lee_roth Who's missing: David Lee Roth
Who's singing now: Nobody
Chances for reconciliation: This probably will happen. Now that the band's been named to Rock N' Roll's Hall of Fame, they're going to have to play nice for the cameras and perform at the induction ceremony. And in December, Eddie Van Halen told an industry magazine that Roth has been invited to rejoin the band. Further reinforcing the reunion plan: Michael Anthony, a grand amigo and ally of former vocalist Sammy Hagar, has been replaced by Eddie's son Wolfgang on bass. Plus ... someone's gotta sing, dude.

Real long-shots: INXS, Queen, AC/DC.

So which band really needs their lead singer back the most?

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