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Revenge of the 80s addicts

The 80 worst songs of the 80s list generated a lot of interest on Saturday when I finally posted the final 10 songs. How much interest? Ummm, about 54,000 visitors for that one day.

And if you want to read what people thought of the list, just head over to and read the comments. We had more than 400 messages left there. Some loved the list, many disagreed with parts of it. Some people ... well, let's just say they're still composing their thoughts.

Some of the comments are pretty funny:
-- "This list is apparently written by one of those goth kids that sat in the back of the class and hated everything popular."
-- "Oh look, a pretentious "on-line editor" wants to tell us all what was the best (or worst or whatever). We should definitely take his opinion as holy gospel."
-- "Give me Huey Lewis over Brittney Spears or any American Idol anyday."
-- "Heartbeat by Don Johnson shoulda cracked the top 5.  Damn, was that a floater."
-- "I completely agree with this list. From start to finish. Vapid retch-pop, the whole group of 'em."
-- "So, this 20 year reunion thread of 80s grads has been sweet. Do we meet up on the internet again in 2026? "

Just remember that it was largely compiled from reader suggestions -- not my personal opinion -- so I won't take the insults personally. (Except from the one person who said the author must be the kind of guy who couldn't score any girls in high school and that he probably beat me up at some point.)

For those who missed the list, here are the links again: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70 and  71-80).

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