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Review: Ant Music lives again with Adam Ant in Orlando



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If you think punk rock is dead. If you believe the fire of '80s magic has been extinguished. If you just stumbled on this blog because you were searching for a weekend weather report instead of fulfilling your commitment to the life-affirming ideals of the soul-warming nostalgia, then allow me to introduce you to Stuart Leslie Goddard, better known as Adam Ant. He's now going to claw your heart out, have it incinerated and scatter the ashes over Orlando's Hard Rock Live, with the last flake landing on the ground some 36 hours after he finished the final note of Ant Music during Saturday's classic concert.

I can't remember the last time I saw a musician hold court with such absolute authority. From slinking on stage, refusing to turn around for the first minute or two of Plastic Surgery to the final, sweaty encore of Physical, Adam held steady in a character that so many of us have come to love. There wasn't much in the way of stage banter -- just the occasional but genuine "thank you" -- but what he lacks in story-telling, Adam Ant makes up in swagger. Without any of the pretenciousness of today's rock generation, Adam went song by song through a deep collection of hits and lost classics.

Dressed in his pirate garb, his thick spectacles allowed him to give us a wink to the campiness of it all. And it's also somewhat comforting discovering that -- now at age 57 -- Adam's pants could have fit other huskier men in the audience that night. On Saturday night, Adam was one of us -- if only in waist size.

It's hard to name just one or two favorite moments -- the long dramatic freeze during Desperate But Not Serious comes to mind, and his female drummer (one of two drummers) was mesmerizing throughout the night thanks to her Marie Antoinette 'do -- but I think few at the Hard Rock Live would disagree that the pure ecstasy of Ant Music was something to be be treasured until the next tour, which hopefully won't be decades in the making.

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