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Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes? Hardly elementary

Robert Downey Jr. has played an Ian, a Charlie, a Ralph, Julian and Wolf. So should we really be shocked his next role is Sherlock?

Our '80s hero plays the title role in 2009's Sherlock Holmes, set for release on Christmas Day. The movie co-stars Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. Will this new action flick, along with his Iron Man success, complete his career rehabilitation?

I'd feel better about it if Guy Ritchie weren't directing it. The only good directing he's done is finding a quick way out of his marriage to Madonna.

I have faith Downey will still make it watchable. Why? Because though we loved him in Chaplin, Iron Man, Less Than Zero, Back to School and Natural Born Killers, it's the oft-neglected films that still amaze us.


5. TRUE BELIEVER (1989): "I can't believe we're going to see a bunch of Nazis ... at night!"

4. SOAPDISH (1991): "Attention: no turbans for Miss Talbert!" [Trailer]

3. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (1995): "Well, that was absurd, let's eat dead bird!" [Scene]

2. TUFF TURF (1985): "Let me see your blade. ... Come on, maybe I want to clean my teeth, all right?" [Scene]

1. WEIRD SCIENCE (1985): "Girls, shmirls!" [Trailer]

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