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Rush fans: Hard-to-please ... or just surly?



Geddylee It's been about a month since Rush dazzled 15,000 fans at Tampa's Ford Amphitheatre at the start of their "Snakes and Arrows" tour, and the hate mail is still trinkling in here at Stuck in the 80s.

Here are some examples of fan reaction to reviews by myself and Times pop critic Sean Daly:

  • "Lame review. Dumb jokes, bad observations. The new songs totally kill live."
  • "It is strange this guy seems to not want to hear all of the songs I do. What DOES he like from them?"
  • "I thought you got out easy for saying that Dreamline was the best song in the show ...  No way dude, I mean I like Dreamline and I even sang along -- which most people were embarrassed to do -- but you can not compare that to Witch Hunt, Natural Science, or even any of the new songs, come on!"

Even when we went overboard with our compliments, we still caught a lot of guff: "I've got a bone to pick with you," one fan wrote. "Sorry to say Neil Peart, while a very accomplished drummer, is not the 'most revered drummer of all time.'  Shake the cob webs! Can you say -- John Bonham or how about Keith Moon of The Who?   Think a little harder and those folks their due!"

So are Rush fans the most loyal fans around? The most hard-to-please fans? Or are they just downright surly? Listen to our newest Stuck in the 80s podcast -- our post-concert Rush review -- and decide.

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NAME THAT 80s TUNE WINNERS: The correct answer for Episode #92 is "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates, which was featured in the '90s movie "The Wedding Singer." Dare I say classic? Winners include: Becky Kirk, Ray Nelson, Steve Paulson, Larry Ziegler, Walter Cox, Stacy Ryan, Mark Kenneally and Peter Ryan.

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